Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 – the Lion to follow the Locust

New Year’s Day 2010 roared in like a lion last night on the Olympic Peninsula where I’m staying. Huge wind gusts started not long after midnight, Mother Nature rivaling the firecrackers people had been setting off an hour or so prior. I’m not all mystical or anything, but that struck me as a fitting metaphor. 2010 looks to be a very loud, wild and unpredictable year, probably more so than any year I’ve been alive for. 2009 was the year the locusts ate. In so many things, private and public, 2009 was a year of failing to address problems, of being stymied at so many turns. 2010 will be different, out of necessity if for no other reason. Problems will be solved, though there’s no guarantee the solutions will be nice and pleasant. Hard work and luck will determine that. You can’t control luck, which leaves hard work. So work hard.



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